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Why we love Suki, part 3876559


There’s nothing like the ways of a cat to make you stop what you’re doing, forget about stress and tasks, and just say “tee hee!” and be happy. I recently went through a lot of papers and files in my office and produced 5+ bags of recycling. In the midst of moving furniture out of the office, we discovered Suki as you see her here. Never to be deterred from perching in the sun’s rays, and as much a fan of little nesting places as the next cat, she found that this particular bag of recycling would do quite nicely, thank you.

Friday timestamp

It’s a pretty cold day, but it’s supposed to warm up this weekend. It should be a good weekend for walking around, which I am very much looking forward to doing. Ezra’s birthday was Monday, and though we grabbed a bite to eat, I’m hoping to properly celebrate my sweetie’s birthday this weekend. So we’ll have reasonable weather for that–in February, no less!

Moments ago I was the lucky recipient of a fishy cat bath. Thank you, Suki. I love you, too.

I don’t have much to do for work today. I’m waiting for a lot of things to come in from authors and clients. I did get a new project recently, and I have a feeling a bunch of work will be arriving on my doorstep all at once. Typical!

A Mercy I’m reading Toni Morrison’s latest novel, A Mercy. I like it, but I’m already almost 75% of the way done with the book and I feel as though it’s just getting started. I guess it’s sort of a novella. It feels a bit like a very long short story. I’ll have to see how it goes before I give a final verdict. I am enjoying it. It definitely pulls in a lot of Morrison’s typical themes and devices–a triad of women, female friendship, a woman’s (potentially–we’ll see what happens>) destructive love/attraction to a man, naming and identity, the creation of a self and an identity (especially after slavery strips away an existing past/identity), etc. That makes it fun for me, with all of the bits and pieces from my thesis still bumping around in my head. I have a feeling this book won’t be as satisfying as a book like Song of Solomon. It just doesn’t seem like it’s going to go that far–it hasn’t engrossed me that much yet. But I still think it’s pretty good and maybe easier to get into than any of Morrison’s novels since Jazz.

If you want to have a look at what I’ve read and am reading, my little home at Goodreads is a good place to start (a lot of you probably already know about it). You can find me and my books there, and I update it pretty frequently. Everybody should join, methinks! It’s easy (I swear) and free and I enjoy seeing what people are reading!

And it’s only 9:00AM

This morning I drove down to the post office to mail a package and to pick up my postcards.  When I arrived home I found the cats in the kitchen batting around the tiniest little mouse you’ve ever seen.  Eek.  I am not the best for dealing with these things, but I couldn’t just let them bat it around all day.  It’s under a box top, under a pile of phone books.  Suki has given up but Edie is still going crazy.  I know I shouldn’t leave it for Ezra to deal with, but…

The postcards… I’m just starting to look at them.  The very first one I pulled out is colorful and in nice condition with a bell, holly (I love holly), and lots of gold.  It’s in pretty nice condition, too.  The kicker, though, is that it’s addressed to Spring Creek, PA, and it’s written in some other language that I can’t identify.  This is gonna be fun.


Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my kitties? I think I need to say it again.







Their cousin to the south, DEXTER

And some much beloved family cats no longer with us… they still have a special place in my life.


Jasper was the first kitty in my life, and he will always be the Zen master of all kitties.


Recently departed; we miss this sweetie.

Somewhere along the way, my family figured out the mysterious and wonderful charms and the calming power of cats. I feel lucky to have had and to continue to have so many connections with these fuzzy, amazing creatures.

Start as you mean to go on… Christmas

OK, so my updates are going to have to stretch back into time here. I’ll get up to the present eventually!

This year felt even more busy at Christmas than usual. Between the Bazaar Bizarre, our party, getting ready to go to Berlin and Nice after Christmas, and the usual Christmas festivities, we were in a bit of a tizzy. I’m not complaining, mind you, though I do hope we can spread things out a little more next year somehow.

Our party was super fun. We had SO MUCH food. Our friends really are the best chefs ever, and this year we were even treated to fabulous homemade bread courtesy of John and Sonya, who made it down for their first (hopefully the first of many) Terri and Ezra holiday party. We were also pleased that the Breens could join us, as we hadn’t seen them for a while.

The Breens: Christie, Elizabeth, Jeffrey, and Patricia

We spent Christmas in State College with my parents and Kim, Glenn, and Hope. The Saturday before Christmas we got a sitter for Hope and went to the State Theatre to see It’s a Wonderful Life on the big screen. Ez and I have seen it several times at The Brattle here in Cambridge, but Mom, Dad, Kim, and Glenn had never seen it on the big screen before. I think the screen at The State is actually bigger than the one at the Brattle. Anyway, it was great. Afterwards Ez and I caught up with our friend John Kenyon for a couple of drinks.

During the day on Saturday Kim and I did a big antiquing extravaganza at Big Valley Antiques and Dairyland. For those of you who don’t know, those are big antique co-ops practically across the highway from each other near Lewistown, PA (I think they’re technically in Milroy??). I love our trips over there. We always make delightful discoveries, and I almost always find some additions for my collection of vintage Christmas postcards. Between Big Valley, Dairyland, and Apple Hill Antiques in State College, I ended up with some new goodies again this time. I’ve promised Kim that I’ll do a post about my collection, so stay tuned.

Sunday we went over to Lewistown to see the aunts and uncles and cousins. Hope wore an adorable dress Kim and Glenn bought her on their trip to Italy and was just generally entertaining and cute as always.

Hope with Nana at Aunt Kay’s house

My Aunt Kay and Uncle Larry had been taking care of a sweet kitty and her five baby kittens, and we got to see them. They were SO ADORABLE. How I wished I could have taken one or two of them, but with Suki and Edie it just didn’t seem like the best idea. I seriously considered it, though! They were the sweetest!

Since we celebrated with the families on Sunday, we spent all of Christmas Day at home in State College. I stretched my toes by the fire and had lots of time to gaze at my new Garbo book, eat holiday M&Ms, and play with the point and shoot camera Ez gave me. Hope made out like a bandit, of course. She spent a little time enjoying her new maracas before becoming enraptured by her new Play-Doh set. Ez and I had lots of fun with her and the Play-Doh.

We had to scurry back to Massachusetts the day after Christmas, which felt a bit weird and rushed, but we made the most of it. Then it was two days at home with the cats and packing before cabbing it to the airport for Eurotrip 2007-2008!

My kitties…

My kitties are furry and delicious and purry… they are wearing their winter coats and they’re just the cuddliest things these days.  Yes, they’re so uber-fantastic that I have to tell you all about it.  Suki is sitting here purring to prove my point.  Earlier I came upon Edie hanging out in the tub.  Gotta keep that winter coat shiny and clean!  I’m crazy about ’em!


As most of you know, I have been on vacation, hence my recent silence. I must apologize to my many California friends that we didn’t see this time out. I was so busy leading up to the trip, our time in LA was short, and I was basically unplugged (no internet, sometimes no cell service) most of the time–which in many ways I enjoyed immensely. If you are in the LA area, we may get another chance–we plan to return sometime next year for a friend’s wedding. No doubt that will be a busy trip, too, but we have lots of time to plan ahead!

Ezra has written a smattering about our trip on his swell blog, and I have pictures to share. I’m in major catch-up mode with work, but I’ll probably write more trip-thoughts soon.

Suki and Edie seem thrilled to have us back. It’s nice to be loved.