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The Mostest

Ez and I are pals with two of the nicest people on the planet. Maybe I’ve mentioned…

Yesterday Amy and I took a longstitch journal workshop at Paper Source in Cambridge. Once again, the gluing was a little challenging, but I’m quite pleased with the results, and it was fun. Amy’s is really nice. Here’s mine:

After bookbinding, we grabbed a warm drink and had a lovely chat. It just goes to show how wonderful Amy is… she let me babble away and actually seemed interested and was listening to all of my random thoughts. They amount to something in the end, I hope.

We joined forces with Ezra and Doug for a relaxed dinner at Cambridge Common, and then because they are the most hospitable ever and because our place is still a wreck we headed over to Amy and Doug’s comfy home to visit with Theo of the big fluffy paws and to watch the Red Sox…er… sock it to the Indians. Doug let me wear his Ortiz jersey so I could feel that I was doing my part apparel-wise. Amy was working on her knitting–a super soft looking pale purple piece that looks positively edible. During the 2004 season I was working on the throw blanket I made for our living room, and the act of knitting helped me channel my nervous energy in a productive way–especially during the playoffs. Last night I didn’t anticipate wanting to knit, so I didn’t bring any knitting with me. Well, Amy, the knitting angel, offered to let me dig through her stash! I picked a couple of beautiful blue, green, and light purple variegated skeins and started knitting away. It turned into a spur of the moment moss stitch and wide rib scarf. On size 11 needles (which she was kind enough to let me borrow!), it’s going ridiculously quickly. Needless to say, I am deeply indebted to Ms. Lewis!! Amy, I owe you a serious stash raid!!

Oh, and since the Sox kicked some booty, Ez and I are going to Game 7 tonight!!! Whoop!

Work with me here

So… by chance I decided to sign myself up for the Red Sox playoff tickets lottery.  Those selected in the lottery would have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of two playoff tickets.  Ez and I have only been able to go to one game this year.  I figured it was a long shot, but thought, “why not?”  Yesterday I got an email telling me that I had been selected in the lottery and would have a chance to buy ALCS tickets.  So then the wringing of hands began.

The tickets went on sale today at noon.  After much struggle with the online system, I managed to get two rather fantastic seats… for game 7.  So here’s the deal Red Sox–you gotta prevail in the ALDS and THEN you gotta take the ALCS to 7 games.  Okay?

Until next time…

We spent our Labor Day weekend with Kim, Glenn, and Hope. They left this morning. Can’t believe they’re gone already! We had much fun.

Hope is such a cutie, as ever. She seemed to like the stuffed badger from Ezra’s Forrester days, and that clicky triangle toy we gave her when she was just a wee thing is still racking up the miles! I’m proud to announce that she has clearly inherited the boogie gene. Like her Mommy and Aunt Terri, she loves to dance, and she’s not bad for a(n almost) 2-year old! She seemed to enjoy Stevie Wonder.

Hope having breakfast

We oohed and aahed at Henry Bear’s Park on Huron Ave., found a treasure or two at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis, visited the Frog Pond on the Common and the ducks in the Public Garden, ate yummy Indian and Italian food, and grilled with great success.

Flemings in Public Garden

Stir in all the happy sports news… Red Sox no-hitter, Michigan losing to Appalachian State (yip!), and Penn State shellacking FIU, and my happy cup runneth over.

Mega update

I finally finished the jacket for Hope and gave it to her over the weekend. Here’s the photographic evidence.

…and I was afraid it would be too small! Huzzah! Note also that Hope is now walking!

So we were in Pennsylvania for my
Mom’s retirement party. The weather was fabulous–sunny and bright and
pleasantly temperate. We got to see the fam…

play with Hope…

Ezra making the funniest face EVER

and go to Otto’s (mmm, beer). But of course, the main event was the
retirement party. Mom seemed to like our gifts–a locket from Kim,
Glenn, and Hope, and a retirement starter kit (sewing box, book, gift
certificates, etc.) from me and Ez. The party was at the Civil
Engineering Lodge at Stone Valley, which turned out to be very nice
given the pretty weather.

Marty, Mark, and Mom (Poor Mark is losing both of his fellow third grade teachers in one year!!)

I got my hair cut, and got in some fun thrift
shopping, too (loot includes three scarves, some antique Christmas
postcards–since I can’t leave State College without some, and a swell
blazer/jacket that was only four bucks!).

Now we’re back home and the kitties are content. Thanks to Amy and Doug for looking in on them! Speaking of which…

Last Tuesday they joined us for our first Red Sox game of the year.
Unfortunately, the Sox lost, but it was still quite fun. First there
was revelry at the blissfully uncrowded Boston Beer Works–it helps to
get there early.

This was followed by actual baseball.

The PA Report

Greetings from rainy Happy Valley.  I suppose it’s not as rainy as the world of the Curtisian.  But it’s rainy-ish.

I am watching the Red Sox and Orioles on ESPN, and Mark Loretta is hitting everything Lopez is giving him.  Mark Loretta is on my good list.  Lowell, too.  ESPN, while not as bad as Fox, ain’t no NESN.  (Did I just write “ain’t no” on purpose?  Yes.  Yes, I did.)  Remy and Don are just much more entertaining, and a good bit more informative, too.  And I’ll bet they didn’t skip out in the middle of the 3rd inning to show Barry Bonds doing NOTHING in Houston.  Do we have to drop everything every time this jerk is at the plate?  They’ve just informed me that they think we do.  (*Groan*)

It’s quiet here, but then again, it’s pretty quiet at home, too.  I made 30 phone calls today for work, and I feel like it wasn’t enough.  Must crank (not crank call, but crank out the calls).  Most people I called were very nice and cooperative, but one very sour woman was enough to end my phone calling for the day.  No need to be rude.  I’m just doing my job like she is.  And no, I am not selling anything.

I made dinner tonight–penne with asparagus in a light pink sauce and a little salad with arugula and tomatoes.  It was good, though I think a tad more kick would have been welcome.  I’ll have to try it again at home.

Is it just me, or are the Red Sox doing more spitting this year than they have the last couple of years?  Baseball or not, it’s gross.  Whenever I see the guys chewing gum instead (Nixon, Loretta), I applaud.

EDIT:  After I posted this, I saw Nixon spitting something, and ESPN showed Varitek (not you, JV!) stuffing his lip (ugh).  One of the commentators actually said something about it, as though it was JV’s little reward after his home run.  As Mel Cooley would say, “Yech!”

sunny bunnies

Happy Easter, friends.  I am spending the day with my honey, removing dead leaves and shiny things with barcodes from our yard.  Later we will probably throw the windows open and watch the Red Sox with cool drinks in our hands while our cats’ little noses twitch away with the breeze.

Spring greens and dancing shadows to you!

Labor Day

Last Thursday night Ezra kindly joined me for the Hail Social/Rainer Maria show at the Middle East. I am loving Hail Social–their whole album is quite infectious, and the only disappointment at the show was the crowd. The place was a bit empty. I guess a lot of folks still don’t know about Hail Social. Part of me wishes I’d taken my camera, because it seemed like I would have been able to take loads of pictures. Oh well–maybe I’ll take my camera for Of Montreal on Sunday. We did have Ezra’s camera and managed to get a few pictures–mostly of Rainer Maria. They were decent. I’m not a huge fan, but it was an OK show.

Friday night my parents arrived for a weekend visit. It’s always nice when they come up here to visit–it tends to feel more relaxed than other visits for some reason. On Saturday we grilled in the afternoon and attempted to go to the night’s baseball game. That didn’t quite work out, but I was able to get a promise that they’ll plan ahead to go to a game with us next year. Sunday we drove up to Ogunquit. I thought we should check it out since it’s just one exit past Kittery and we’d never really been there. We parked in Perkins Cove (we had the magic touch with parking spaces all day) and walked around, taking everything in. It’s very cute, and after a couple of downpours on the highway on the way up, it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

Boats, Perkins Cove

We drove back along Route 1 past the little houses and many antique shops and stopped for some “Back to School” shopping at the outlets. Then (of course) we took the folks to the Portsmouth Brewery for dinner. I think they enjoyed the day. I know they really like Maine, so I wanted to get up there, and I wanted to go somewhere new (Ogunquit). They left after breakfast this morning.

It’s another gorgeous day. I was going to do some work (yeah, I know, despite it being Labor Day), but then I had to get outside, so I went for a jog. I’ll probably still do a little work anyway–but just a little.

Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t written much about all of the terrible things that have been happening in the world lately. It’s not that I don’t know or that I don’t care. I do care–it’s always there, but I can’t dwell on it all the time. I guess I care too much.

Not quite the same… but essentially on target, is this poem by Anne Sexton that I love. Here’s a bit of it:


“Is life something you play?
And all the time wanting to get rid of it?
And further, everyone yelling at you
to shut up. And no wonder!
People don’t like to be told
that you’re sick
and then be forced
to watch
down with the hammer.”

(But coming to the same…)

“Today life opened inside me like an egg
and there inside
after considerable digging
I found the answer.
What a bargain!
There was the sun,
her yolk moving feverishly,
tumbling her prize —
and you realize she does this daily!
I’d known she was a purifier
but I hadn’t thought
she was solid,
hadn’t known she was an answer.


I say Live, Live because of the sun,
the dream, the excitable gift.”