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Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Mike Capuano

… in the Democratic primary for the special election to replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. Here’s a link to Capuano’s official web site, in case you’re not familiar with him and his positions. He was the mayor of Somerville and we loved him. He’s currently our representative in the U.S. House and I still think he does a great job. He’s got a lot more spunk than Martha Coakley. I’d like to think he’d have beaten Scott Brown, but maybe the outcome of the election would have just been that much more depressing had it been him instead of Coakley. It would have been a much more spirited campaign–I’m sure of that.

On to brighter topics…


Goodnight, Opus.  I’m sad, as I’d held out hope that maybe Opus was returning to Bloom County, but it looks like he really is done. *sniffle*

Goodnight McCain in Pennsylvania!!  I’m hoping my wishes on that front are a little safer.  Note that does show McCain making a little bit of headway in PA (gasp!… It’s still leaning Obama, though).  Come on PA, don’t blow it!!

Should I be working for The Daily Show?

Okay, maybe not.  But…

Watching the presidential debate on October 15, I wrote this:  “McCain talks about her [Palin] in a weirdly condescending way… like she’s his daughter, not his running mate. Compare how he talked about her to the way Obama talks about Biden. I think McCain said he was “proud” of her. Proud? Obama doesn’t have to be “proud” of Biden.”

Anybody see The Daily Show on October 16th?

On the 15th I also wrote: “Please, no more “Joe the Plumber”. I’m waiting for Jon Stewart to do a “Bob the Builder” on that one.”

It took The Daily Show a bit longer to pick up on that.  (See the October 29th episode.)

I’ll dig up some transcripts eventually…

McCain, Get Out of My State!!

So the latest word is that McCain is abandoning his campaign efforts in swing states like Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico, and focusing his attention on Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania!  Polls shows that Pennsylvania is currently leaning fairly significantly in Obama’s direction ( puts Obama ahead in PA by 12 percentage points, RealClearPolitics puts him ahead by 11 percentage points) .  But McCain/Palin are digging up the bigots in as many dinky towns as they can, and if I have to watch any more footage of some racist, ignorant Pennsylvanians ranting about how afraid they are of Obama the Muslim terrorist who will kill white babies, I’m going to die of embarrassment!  I know Pennsylvania is full of reasonable and intelligent people that the nut-jobs spewing these embarrassing statements don’t represent.  Pennsylvania is a big electoral prize, and McCain/Palin are aiming their manipulative, aw-shucks, fear mongering message squarely at the Keystone State.  Come on Pennsylvania, don’t fall for it!!!

Have we progressed so little in the last 40 years?

I direct you to this piece, Has Sarah Palin Put a Target on Obama?, by Robert F. Kennedy’s biographer Thurston Clarke, who sees some disturbing similarities between Obama, current rhetoric coming out of the McCain/Palin camp, and the events surround RFK’s assassination.  I hope we’ve learned something in the last 40 years.  Thanks to my friend Danae for pointing out this piece.