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Goodnight, Opus.  I’m sad, as I’d held out hope that maybe Opus was returning to Bloom County, but it looks like he really is done. *sniffle*

Goodnight McCain in Pennsylvania!!  I’m hoping my wishes on that front are a little safer.  Note that does show McCain making a little bit of headway in PA (gasp!… It’s still leaning Obama, though).  Come on PA, don’t blow it!!

McCain, Get Out of My State!!

So the latest word is that McCain is abandoning his campaign efforts in swing states like Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico, and focusing his attention on Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania!  Polls shows that Pennsylvania is currently leaning fairly significantly in Obama’s direction ( puts Obama ahead in PA by 12 percentage points, RealClearPolitics puts him ahead by 11 percentage points) .  But McCain/Palin are digging up the bigots in as many dinky towns as they can, and if I have to watch any more footage of some racist, ignorant Pennsylvanians ranting about how afraid they are of Obama the Muslim terrorist who will kill white babies, I’m going to die of embarrassment!  I know Pennsylvania is full of reasonable and intelligent people that the nut-jobs spewing these embarrassing statements don’t represent.  Pennsylvania is a big electoral prize, and McCain/Palin are aiming their manipulative, aw-shucks, fear mongering message squarely at the Keystone State.  Come on Pennsylvania, don’t fall for it!!!

Start as you mean to go on… Christmas

OK, so my updates are going to have to stretch back into time here. I’ll get up to the present eventually!

This year felt even more busy at Christmas than usual. Between the Bazaar Bizarre, our party, getting ready to go to Berlin and Nice after Christmas, and the usual Christmas festivities, we were in a bit of a tizzy. I’m not complaining, mind you, though I do hope we can spread things out a little more next year somehow.

Our party was super fun. We had SO MUCH food. Our friends really are the best chefs ever, and this year we were even treated to fabulous homemade bread courtesy of John and Sonya, who made it down for their first (hopefully the first of many) Terri and Ezra holiday party. We were also pleased that the Breens could join us, as we hadn’t seen them for a while.

The Breens: Christie, Elizabeth, Jeffrey, and Patricia

We spent Christmas in State College with my parents and Kim, Glenn, and Hope. The Saturday before Christmas we got a sitter for Hope and went to the State Theatre to see It’s a Wonderful Life on the big screen. Ez and I have seen it several times at The Brattle here in Cambridge, but Mom, Dad, Kim, and Glenn had never seen it on the big screen before. I think the screen at The State is actually bigger than the one at the Brattle. Anyway, it was great. Afterwards Ez and I caught up with our friend John Kenyon for a couple of drinks.

During the day on Saturday Kim and I did a big antiquing extravaganza at Big Valley Antiques and Dairyland. For those of you who don’t know, those are big antique co-ops practically across the highway from each other near Lewistown, PA (I think they’re technically in Milroy??). I love our trips over there. We always make delightful discoveries, and I almost always find some additions for my collection of vintage Christmas postcards. Between Big Valley, Dairyland, and Apple Hill Antiques in State College, I ended up with some new goodies again this time. I’ve promised Kim that I’ll do a post about my collection, so stay tuned.

Sunday we went over to Lewistown to see the aunts and uncles and cousins. Hope wore an adorable dress Kim and Glenn bought her on their trip to Italy and was just generally entertaining and cute as always.

Hope with Nana at Aunt Kay’s house

My Aunt Kay and Uncle Larry had been taking care of a sweet kitty and her five baby kittens, and we got to see them. They were SO ADORABLE. How I wished I could have taken one or two of them, but with Suki and Edie it just didn’t seem like the best idea. I seriously considered it, though! They were the sweetest!

Since we celebrated with the families on Sunday, we spent all of Christmas Day at home in State College. I stretched my toes by the fire and had lots of time to gaze at my new Garbo book, eat holiday M&Ms, and play with the point and shoot camera Ez gave me. Hope made out like a bandit, of course. She spent a little time enjoying her new maracas before becoming enraptured by her new Play-Doh set. Ez and I had lots of fun with her and the Play-Doh.

We had to scurry back to Massachusetts the day after Christmas, which felt a bit weird and rushed, but we made the most of it. Then it was two days at home with the cats and packing before cabbing it to the airport for Eurotrip 2007-2008!

Thanksgiving at the farm

We arrived at the farm to find it very autumnal and pretty.

This year Josie, Lisa, and Mama Jo joined us for Thanksgiving. Ez and I got to see them three times in one year!! And they loved the little snowflakes that fell on Friday.

Abby and Dan were home, and Dan’s parents and grandmother also joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. We had 17 people! Ezra’s mother was in heaven with all those people.

I must say, this year I got a Tofurky “vegetarian feast” because Wegman’s in State College was sold out of my usual Quorn roast… and the Tofurky was in fact delicious and much better than the Quorn roast. (Yes, it’s worth mentioning.)

This year’s farm projects included clearing away lots of branches from a line of gigantic pine trees that they had cut down the day after Thanksgiving, working on a long trench that is somehow involved in getting their new furnace operational, moving said furnace (all 3800 pounds of it) onto a concrete slab, and attempting to fix a toilet. I was primarily involved in the first project and photographically documenting the whole shebang.

Ezra knocked himself out and drove the new tractor.

Here he is working on that trench.

…which winds around the house…

… and down between the garden and the pool where it will eventually (I assume) meet up with the furnace.

Needless to say, Ez (and everyone) was plenty hungry for leftovers and tired at the end of the day.

(…but not too tired to play Risk, which I’d never played before.)

Our Sixth Anniversary

Saturday morning I woke up pretty late, and I admit that it took me a while to get moving. Our hotel was comfy and I was still in recovery. But it was a very nice day, and Ez and I set off for brunch at the Galaxy Global Eatery near Union Square. I’d been there once before with a friend, and we didn’t have too much trouble finding it. The waitstaff were as cute and pleasant as I remembered, and I happily ordered a healthy vegan breakfast of scrambled tofu with tempeh bacon (which, incidentally, was deeelicious). We were seated in a booth by the window. They opened the windows and the front doors and we got a pretty hefty breeze blowing through. After the yucky heat and humidity of July and August, that breeze was bliss. The TV above the bar was playing TV Land.

Ezra at the Galaxy Global Eatery, being cosmic.

…and speaking of re-runs… Not too long after we arrived, Woody Harrelson came in with a group of people and sat in the booth right next to ours.

After our rejuvenating brunch we walked through Union Square a bit and stumbled upon the Union Square Farmer’s Market. It was such a pretty day… all of the fruits and vegetables and flowers looked so gorgeous and enticing! We wandered through a bit and found a woman selling vegetable dyed yarns (and lamb sausages, legs of lamb, etc.). The yarns were just calling my name… I spent probably too long gazing at them and mulling over which colors to get (I need a new scarf or two!). As I was perusing the bins of yarn, a woman came into the booth and mentioned something about a new yarn shop her friend was opening in… State College! I couldn’t help myself–I had to ask her about it. She couldn’t remember the name of it and said they were just getting started, but I was really excited! State College hasn’t, to my knowledge, had a good dedicated local yarn shop up until now. I’m anxious to check it out the next time I’m there!

Me checking out yarn in Union Square.

So… after buying a shade of mauvey pink and another of sort of teal-blue, we hopped on the train and headed uptown to the northernmost part of Central Park. We walked along the jogging road for a while, just taking it all in. At around 89th Street we stepped out of the park in search of something to drink. We walked past the Guggenheim, which is apparently undergoing some sort of exterior restoration, and ended up stopping at Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie, both of which I love. We shared a bit of Apple Strudel and just gawked at the loveliness. Before leaving, we had to duck into the gift shop, and Ezra picked up a really great book on the Wiener Werkstatte, which might easily have been something I would have purchased myself if he hadn’t done so first.

We had then hoped to go to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum down the street, but as we’d had a late start it was closed. We did, however, take in the building itself.

We were both in need of a little recharge at that point, so we headed back to the hotel to gather ourselves before dinner. We ended up dining at a rather good Italian restaurant not that far from our hotel, Da Ciro on Lexington. After that feast, we returned to our hotel and headed to the roof bar that Ezra had enjoyed the night before. Unfortunately, we found it empty. We went downstairs to ask why it was closed and the man we asked told us it was too cold (!). I thought it was really nice–maybe a bit chilly, but in a good way. Anyway, the door wasn’t locked, so Ez and I raided our mini-bar, went out on the roof, and mixed our own drinks. It was really lovely up there. Even from that height (about 11 stories up), the view was something.

Me in Herald Square.

Sunday we managed to get up at a more reasonable hour. I’d noticed a great big newstand just down the street from our hotel, so that was our first stop. (As some of you know, I’ve lately been buying up a lot of foreign fashion magazines. This time I picked up a British magazine I’d never seen before called Wig. ) After that, it was back to The Strand bookstore via Herald Square and the Shake Shack, both of which Ezra really discovered on this particular New York trip. I do love The Strand (I’m a book-lady, so it’s only natural). Unfortunately, it seems like I’m in a big hurry every time I’m there. Next time, I vow to allot at least an hour to the Strand. This time we had to get back to Penn Station to catch our train home, where we found our two furry felines and a very comfy bed waiting for us.

Cool tree sculpture in Madison Square Park.

AbDan 2007

I’m reporting to you live from our hotel room in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. We arrived at the farm on Thursday and began helping out with various wedding prep. We were met with unending stacked containers of wedding cookies and rarely seen relatives from California (Mama Jo, Lisa, and Josie) and France (April). Kitty Chubbs is still my pal since I won him over with my inexhaustible love of brushing pussy cats back in July.

We boxed twigs for Winter, picked fresh tomatoes from the garden, brushed the kitties, took pictures, and helped check items off of various to-do lists. I read off names of wedding guests and their dinner choices while Abby applied coded stickers to their place cards. Ezra and I ran errands and made deliveries.

Last night we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Saw so many people, and of course I took more pictures. We chatted with Ezra’s aunt Margie and Dan’s mom Dolly, and we danced a little with niece Eva.

Kim, Glenn, and Hope arrived late last night, and this morning we met them and my parents in the hotel to kick off the day. Now we’re all resting up before the games begin again!

To be continued…