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My adventure

have been a little too overwhelmed by recent events to post my little
tale, but I’ve been home for a day or two now, so here goes!

Last Friday I trekked down to NY to visit my friend. We hung out
there on Friday and then on Saturday jumped in the car and drove up to
Montreal, where we stopped to have dinner with another mutual friend.
Much fondue was consumed. Then we got back in the car–rather late, but
oh well–and continued on to Ottawa. We arrived at about 2 AM. Though we
were tired, we decided to walk over to the concert venue just to check
it out. There were loads of drunk people spilling out of the clubs and
bars. After much walking around in circles, we found the entrance to
the venue. It didn’t look like much, I have to say! Here it is in

Capital Music Hall Ottawa

It’s apparent crappiness appealed to us–small general admission venues=good. We finally got to sleep around 3… or 4.

On Sunday we gathered ourselves together and prepped for a long day
of waiting and anticipating. It was already cool and misty in the
morning. The rain increased as the day wore on. We walked by the venue
just to see if there were any hardcore people already in line, but
finding none we headed across the street to this cute little tea place
to fortify ourselves.

The Tea Party

I had very hot veggie barley soup and a pressed veggie and goat
cheese sandwich-very tasty. I sampled a bit of my friend’s scone and we
were in pre-heaven. We grabbed some copies of a local rag that included
a short Interpol blurb and went back to check on the line.

As there was no one there, we started the line ourselves. Due to the
weather, we opted for cover on a loading dock platform. (To our
delight, people did in fact line up behind us later on.) No one came by
for quite some time, so we got to chat, watch a homeless guy root
through some dumpsters, and discuss our strategy.

Later in the day, two sweet young Canadian guys who didn’t have
tickets showed up and hung out with us. We listened to soundcheck with
them and generally grinned and acted ‘pol-fan-like. We were the only
people there for soundcheck and it sounded really good. They did PDA,
Not Even Jail, Evil, and a new song (!), which we later determined was
Pioneer. At times a guy propped open a door, so we could hear
everything crystal clear. Here’s me listening to soundcheck:

me at soundcheck

We asked our new friends to hold the line for us while we took one
last run to the hotel, and when we returned they told us that we’d
missed two other new songs at soundcheck, plus Carlos walking his dog.
Whoops. Well, I had to take my camera back to the hotel because it was
clear that I wouldn’t be able to get it into the venue with that big
lens. I bought a few disposable cameras (we’ll see if I got anything
with those.) By that time, a handful of people had joined us in the
line. The next couple of hours went by really quickly (with my friend
and I totally forgetting to EAT). Just before the doors opened, we ran
over to where the actual line was supposed to be, and we were the first
to get in. We got right up front, slightly to the right.

It was a long wait, and very chilly, so my friend and I had decided
to have a nip. (Yeah, there was some nip in that Diet Coke.) In the
venue, she sent me off to get rum and cokes. First, you probably know
that I don’t usually drink a lot of liquor. Second, as mentioned, we
hadn’t eaten since our late breakfast. Needless to say, I was feeling

Lynx and Ram were the opening band. I wanted to give them a chance,
but they were pretty terrible. Everyone standing around us was really
nice. We chatted with a Canadian girl and two French girls after the

Then Interpol took the stage and we were happy little revelers. They
sounded great, they looked great (although I could do without the
moustache, Carlos), and the new songs were all excellent. First up was
Pioneer, which reminds me a little of the old song Mascara. It’s sort
of downbeat, but has a good pace. The full setlist was as follows:

Obstacle 1
Say Hello to the Angels
Slow Hands
Leif Erikson
Heinrich Manuever
Not Even Jail
Length of Love

I want to hear Mammoth on record, because I don’t think I got a
strong enough impression of it that night. Heinrich Maneuver was fun,
and I suspect it was as poppy as they’re going to get on the new
record. Based on those three songs, it sounds like the new record will
be a little more downbeat and maybe a little more ambitious musically
than Antics was. As has been hinted elsewhere, it sounds like there’s
been a progression. I am VERY excited to hear the new record, but I’m
not expecting it to be released until at least July–maybe later.

Not Even Jail worked well as the closer for the main set, and though
many people don’t seem to like Length of Love, I always enjoy it live
and was glad to hear it. And of course Narc and Angels are live
favorites, and Leif is one of my favorite songs period. It was a pretty
great night.

After the show my friend zipped away to get to the merchandise
table. I hung around to see if I could get a pick and/or setlist, but I
didn’t have any luck this time. My friend and I finally reconnected in
the parking lot and just headed back to the hotel, knowing that we had
a long, possibly unpleasant (weather) drive the next day. We later
learned that there was some little afterparty or something. I’m a
little disappointed that we missed it, but I arrived home in one piece
with some very nice memories, so I can’t complain. There will be more
shows for me.

Spoon live at the Museum of Fine Arts, 4/28/2007

night I saw Spoon live at the MFA in Boston.  I’d never seen a
show at the MFA.  All I can compare it to is to say that it’s a
much smaller, scaled back version of Radio City. Or at least, the
experience of seeing a show there kind of felt that way.  It’s
really an auditorium, with seats and excellent sound.  My friend
bought the tickets.  For an extra five bucks he got us “Front of
House,” which meant that we could sit in the first three rows. 
That was a five dollars well spent.  I was just slightly off
center in the second row.  One of the other unique things about
this venue?  They don’t seem to care if you photograph to your
heart’s content.  So I did.  The lighting wasn’t fabulous,
and I couldn’t get right up by the stage, but that aside, I can’t
complain too much.

Britt Daniel, Spoon

I didn’t write down the setlist, but I can tell you that they played
Everything Hits at Once, Lines in the Suit, The Way We Get By, Fitted
Shirt (someone asked for it in the encore and they played it), several
new songs, Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine, I Turn My Camera On, and
Someone Something.

Britt Daniel is a doll.  He seems like a really smart, funny
guy.  Here’s a little story.  At first, people were sitting
in their seats and listening–sort of bopping along.  I noticed
that the first night I saw Interpol at Radio City, too.  The
niceness of the venue throws people off a bit.  Perhaps thinking
that she’d stir people up, a girl went up front and started dancing
rather suggestively. She jumped on stage and was putting on this sort
of early-Madonna show. Britt seemed to find it pretty funny. When the
song was over and she had gone, he said “Thanks, Mom.”

Britt Daniel laughing

Interpol news

Since I am the resident Interpol informant in my little world, I bring you this:

“Interpol have set a July 10 release date for their still-untitled
new album, their first for Capitol Records. The lead single, “Heinrich
Maneuver,” impacts at radio the week of May 7.”

Found here:

This site is based in New Jersey, so I assume this is a U.S. radio date. I’m not sure whether or not it applies elsewhere.


New album scoop as follows:

Our Love To Admire

Track Listing:
1. Pioneer to The Falls
2. No I in Threesome
3. The Scale
4. The Heinrich Maneuver
5. Mammoth
6. Pace is the Trick
7. All Fired Up
8. Rest My Chemistry
9. Who Do You Think
10. Wrecking Ball
11. The Lighthouse