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My Classmate!

Most of you reading this already know that one of my classmates from State College, Doug Sweetland, is an animator for Pixar. I just saw The Incredibles over the weekend and I loved it. It’s so cool to see his name go by in the credits. From what I remember of him and his art, the film definitely bears his mark! He was in lots of my classes, including art classes in high school. Wherever you are, Doug, it’s so great to see that you’re doing what it seems you always wanted to do… and doing it really well.

Couldn’t find that much about him on IMDB, but he has apparently won some very cool sounding awards. Not really surprising. Actually, surfing around, it looks like he is at the top of his field. Again, not really surprising. I’m so impressed!

Check out the film if you haven’t already.