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In vegetarian news…

Most weekends Ez and I try to cook something yummy and fun that will provide good leftovers. Last weekend I thought, “Let’s make a veggie pot pie!” We explored our various cookbooks and couldn’t find the one perfect recipe, but we used one as a jumping off point and made a vegetable pot pie that totally hit the spot.

veggie pot pie

Chef Ezra is always looking for an opportunity to prepare mushrooms like he does in his mushroom empanadas. So he employed that method for the pot pie. We wanted to use good fall veggies, so we included potato, carrot, garlic, leek, butternut squash, and parsnip. We ended up with a pot pie that was A) piping hot–a must for pot pie (part of the point, right?), and B) had just a hint of sweetness, courtesy of the mushroom prep and the squash. It is (and I say is because we’re still enjoying the leftovers) SOOOOO GOOOOOD. Hooray for fall veggies and weekends and team work!

black bean mango

I also bring you another vegetarian chow recommendation. I’ve lately purchased a few ready-made microwavable veggie meals for quick lunches. I’ve tried two of Kashi’s offerings, the Pasta Primavera (okay) and the Black Bean Mango. I was a little wary of the latter, but it is so tasty. I could live off of Kashi products (I practically do).

Some Things I Love

Kim did a post like this, and I’ve been wanting to do one myself. Mine will be sillier than hers because some of the things I love are pretty silly.

Kashi Heart to Heart Oat Flakes and Wild Blueberry Clusters

So yummy–tastes like a really good blueberry muffin.


Guru: The Indian Caterer

Oh my, this is incredibly good Indian food–fresh and delicious, not run of the mill. And so cheap!!! And it’s practically around the corner from our house.


The Strand Bookstore

It’s sprawling, it’s packed with books, it’s a Manhattan classic right in Union Square.
They’ve kept up with the times–they have an excellent web site on which I’ve discovered a bunch of books–and at the same time they’ve maintained a sort of old school presence in their main store. The last few times I’ve been in New York, I’ve spent hours there–sometimes over multiple visits. The last time I was at the main store, I went to collect some books I’d ordered online. Of course, I had to browse, and ended up adding a few to my pre-ordered stack. They sell new and used, remainders, review copies, and rare books. They have a great art section on the second floor, and there’s a sizable children’s section that I’ve never really properly investigated. Their prices are generally very good. Their book bags are awesome, too. If their onesies came in slightly more appealing patterns, Rainey would already have one.

Arrested Development

Ez and I don’t watch a lot of television, but we do watch a lot of DVDs. Like many people, we missed Arrested Development when it first aired. That was our loss. We just finished watching the whole series on DVD and we love it! Funny stuff. I’m sure we’ll see the film, though I’m a LITTLE worried that it won’t live up to the series.

Casa Silva Sauvignon Gris 2006

We tasted this wine at Dave’s Fresh Pasta and we really like it. It’s got this sort of tangy, almost effervescent quality.
My computer has been unreliable of late–hardware problem, we think–so I’ll end this post here. I’ll have to make this a series as I think of other things I like enough to blog about them.

(Feels like) a long weekend in New York

It’s been a long and very good weekend.  Ez and I spent Friday and Saturday in New York.  On Friday Ez worked and I wandered around, checking out Tinsel Trading Company and spending a couple of happy hours browsing (and eventually buying) at The Strand.

Spotted after lunch

On Saturday Ez was kind enough to walk with me to the vegetarian cafe S’Nice in the West Village, where I know they have delicious steel-cut oatmeal with all the trimmings.  There I ate said oatmeal with dried fruit and honey and enjoyed one of the tastiest glasses of apricot-orange tea ever.  We went to The Strand again because Ez needed to get his fix (he didn’t really have to twist my arm to get me to spend more time there), and then Ez took me to the Chelsea Market, where the New York Lux office will soon be moving.  It’s quite a nifty building.  I’ll have to upload a picture or two.

I fell in love with this spot at the Chelsea Market.

Then we met up with Ezra’s old friend Jen Williams in the Cooper Union area (Jen went to Cooper Union and now teaches there).  I’d never met her before, though I’d heard a lot about her.  She seems pretty great, and we had a really nice time chatting with her, wandering around the Lower East Side, popping into a small gallery to check out her friend’s show, and just basically hanging out.  For dinner, the three of us went to the tasty Pan-Asian vegetarian (and largely vegan) restaurant Wild Ginger (it’s just as good as Ez and I remember).  We’re hoping it won’t be another 10+ years before we see Jen again.

And oh, hey, the Steelers won their NFL record sixth Super Bowl (that’s about 14% of all Super Bowl games that have been played).  And the game was actually exciting.  I am not a big NFL person, but we’re Steelers people in this house.  (And, incidentally, it was a day of more pleasant sports news, as PSU men’s basketball upset ninth-ranked Michigan State, the Celtics won again, and Rafael Nadal beat Federer to win his first Australian Open title.)

Every time I go to New York I want to spend more time there.  I like its energy and pervading spirit of creating new things.  I think it improves my health to be around that vibe more often!

Yay! Modern Pastry to manage Soleil Cafe!

I just walked by Soleil Cafe, as I do pretty much any time I walk home from the T. From across the street I saw that the cafe windows are all papered, and I wondered if the place had closed. It seems like they’d been reducing their hours over time and I always wanted to like their food more than I did. Once I got closer, I saw the little signs in all the windows indicating that the cafe is closed but will soon re-open under the management of the fine people who run Modern Pastry in the North End and Medford! Pastries, gelato, sandwiches, and other delights are promised! Yay!!

Some pictures of Savannah

Our visit to Savannah was great–very relaxing. We even went to the beach! I don’t have much time to write about it here as we’re off to see the Flemings in Virginia later on today, but I can share a few pictures to give you a feel for the trip.

Adorable baby birdie sitting on the wheel of a baby buggy

Monday morning in Savannah

The Jepson Art Museum

Nora and Jim at the Jepson on Mother’s Day. Note Nora’s sunburn from the previous day’s beach outing. She’s on the phone with her mom here.

Nora and Ezra on the path to the water at Tybee Beach (Jim had to work that day)

Scrumpy dinner courtesy of chef Jim Lewis

And the weekend goes out with a bang

I bring you glad tidings from the Terri sports world, as the Celtics, the Penguins, and the Red Sox all won big today.

I bring you glad tidings from the baby world, wherein Nora and Jim found out a few days ago that they are having a little boy, and wherein John and Sonya have just told us that they are due to have their first on Christmas Day.

And I bring you glad tidings from the kitchen, wherein Ez and I conjured up ridiculously delicious-smelling goat cheese enchiladas with red chile mole. Picture to come.

Eurotrip 2007-2008: Berlin, Day Five

Knowing that our remaining time in Germany was limited and that there were still several things we wanted to see, we decided to take an early train back to Berlin.

A tile on the sidewalk, on or around Sophienstrasse

We went straight from the train station back to Sophienstrasse, where we stepped into an adorable little toy shop. I looked for goodies for our nieces, but though everything was really wonderful, nothing seemed quite right for them. Of course, I did end up finding something for myself.

Schneeflocken house

Next stop was a shop filled with delicately hand-crafted wood toys of all kinds. The shop was totally packed and felt almost like a museum. I couldn’t help thinking it was distinctly German. We spent a bit more time wandering in that general area, popping into shops and taking everything in. As is my habit when we travel abroad, I ended up buying a pair of boots. I saw loads of nice ones all over the place and the German weather and sensibility means that lots are available that are warm and have excellent treads as well as being fashionable.

By that time, we needed some lunch. We decided to stop at an Italian place that looked especially cozy (it was). I polished up my shoes (the old pair I’d been wearing around all day) with some new polish I’d purchased at the shoe store (like seemingly everything else in Germany, it works really well), while Ez examined the guidebook to confirm our plans for the rest of the day.

We then headed southward for Kreuzberg, where we hoped to encounter a more local sort of neighborhood. We wandered through neat little book shops and cafes. The area seemed to have a significant Turkish population, and it felt considerably less posh and touristed than some of the other places we’d been. Proof of my cosmic connection to Berlin came in the form of a wool shop that sells… wait for it… wool yarn and a fabulous array of socks and stockings. I bought five skeins of yummy plush blue yarn on sale for 10 euros (about 15 bucks).

After quite a bit of wandering in the chill and damp we decided to stop at a coffee shop. It was a really pleasant place with high ceilings–not too fancy or crowded. My coffee was divine and was served with a yummy ginger cookie.

We attempted to write out some postcards (some of which still haven’t been sent for one reason or another.)

One thing I somehow haven’t mentioned is how early it gets dark in that part of Germany. When we arrived in Leipzig in the early afternoon we only had a couple of hours before it started to get dark. As we were having our coffee at the coffee shop in Kreuzberg around 4PM, the skies were already darkening up.

We explored the streets some more and went in search of a vegetarian restaurant that was supposed to be quite good. That hunt took us well off the beaten path, and we found that the restaurant was no longer in business. After that little detour, we decided to head back to the Oranienstraße, the sort of main drag which was full of cute shops, restaurants, and bars. We ended up at an Indian place–I think I’d been craving Indian food. It was really good, and I think between the character of the street and the style of the food I was strongly reminded of London. I can still remember the flavor of the sauce in the dish I had–nummy!