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I’m still here!

So it’s been forever and a day since I last posted anything here.  But I’m still living, breathing, and sometimes doing other things.

Last night we made tofu florentine.  Alas, I did not take a picture, because it really was a pretty sight.  It’s much like eggs florentine, except vegan.  So instead of eggs, you use broiled tofu, and instead of whatever sauce is normally used on eggs florentine (er… not sure… hollandaise?), you use a vegan “cheezy” sauce made of veggie broth, flour, nutritional yeast flakes, and spices.  Ez and I are already pondering other uses for the broiled tofu and cheezy sauce–both were quite tasty and not too hard to make.

I’m knitting a little blanket with Mission Falls 1824 superwash wool.  You can even put this stuff in the dryer, which is pretty unusual for decent handknitting yarn.  So far so good, though I did have to start over.  I’m trying a design that I sort of made up, and after getting through 50 or so rows I decided that I wanted to revise the design a little.  It’s easier to decide this now than it would be after 200+ rows!

It’s supposed to be snowing today, but I’ve seen nary a flake.  I have my doubts.  I feel like I’m the only person in the Greater Boston area who is annoyed that the forecasted snow is not actually falling.

Today for the first time in ages I was actually looking for my 1990 and 1991 high school yearbooks and I can’t find them!  So annoying.  I have a feeling they might be tucked away in the bowels of the hall closet, or even somewhere in the basement.

So you can see why I haven’t been blogging much–not much to report!  I’ll try to be better about it, though.

The First Signs of Fall!

Okay, I can almost hear most of you saying, “Fall? Girlfriend, it’s just barely summer.” But then, you all probably also know how I think. So yeah, FALL!!

Vogue Knitting Fall 2008

I have taken up my knitting needles again (now you keep hush if you know what I’m working on), AND I got the fall issue of Vogue Knitting in the mail today. Hip. Hip. Hip. Hoooo-ray!!!

You know you’re a knitter when…

You know you’re a knitter when you see a New York Times headline that reads “Supplier Under Scrutiny for Aging Arms for Afghans” and the first thing you think is that it has something to do with yarn companies and knitters’ arms getting tired while knitting blankets… and then you realize.

Funny thing just heard in a coffee shop: “Egg and cheese on everything!” Yes! How about that? Okay, maybe not.

Gettin’ the word out

Okay, I know this is a little silly, but I figure, why not? I am looking for a back issue of Rebecca knitting magazine. This is an old one, so I would need it with the English language insert. (It’s a German magazine and they only started publishing the magazine entirely in English a few years ago.) So, the issue I’m looking for is #8. I think it’s from around 1999. It’s not the kids and babies issue, which for some reason is also numbered 8. It’s this one:

I know it’s out of print. I’ve hunted in all of the obvious places I can think of online. If you happen to come across a copy with the English insert or know where I could get one, please let me know. If you see it in a shop, I’ll pay ya back!

Work and Play

I’ve been working quite a bit of late. Ez and I both worked on Sunday and Monday… no special President’s Day vacation for us.

I’ve been taking lots of breaks, though, mostly to knit and to watch The Comic Strip Presents. I LOVE it. LOVE IT! I am obsessed.

Dawn French and Peter Richardson in The Comic Strip Presents: Consuela

Nigel Planer and Adrian Edmondson in The Comic Strip Presents: South Atlantic Raiders, Part I

I’ve been fairly obsessed with knitting lately, too. At the moment I’m splitting my knit time between the sweater for Ezra and another cable project for me.

The back of a cabled sweater I’m making for myself.

And then there is the pile of books at my bedside…

Update on the update

So… my pretty blue yarn will not be coming in for a while. Apparently it wasn’t in the lastest shipment from the supplier. I’ve asked for a rough estimate for its arrival.

I was going through my collection of knitting magazines last night and I think I’ve found a good pattern to use with my Debbie Bliss yarn (which I’m now designating as “stash”). It’s an eyelet yoke pattern. I think it will be interesting enough to make while still working with the type of yarn I’ve got.

(The picture of the Eyelet Yoke Pullover from the Winter 2002 issue of Vogue Knitting that I had posted here has been removed from its original location.  Sorry!)

Nora has expressed interest in maybe doing a long distance knit-along on the Brompton cardigan. I’ve had my eye on this one, and I think it might be the best option I’ve come across that could work with my Noro yarn. (Nora… Noro… I guess that must mean something.)
Brompton cardigan

I’ve discovered that a ton of the yarn I have is green. Not quite sure how that happened. I guess I like green!* I have some burgundy and rose yarn for projects waiting in the wings, and I’m getting a feel for some natural/gray/earthy shades at the moment, too.

We’ll see what happens first. Right now it’s still all Rhapsody in Tweed all the knitting time.

*(Note that, unless something changes, all of the projects described in this post will be knit in green.)

Knitting update, 2/10/08

A few days ago I finished a sweater. It came out OK, I think, and it’s nice to finish things! I’m now pretty well focused on the Rhapsody in Tweed sweater for Ezra.

Progress on Rhapsody in Tweed

I’ve finished the back and am about 1/3 of the way up the front.

I keep re-evaluating what I want to do with my Noro yarn. I’ve seen a few patterns on Ravelry that might work well. I still want to try the Rebecca pattern, but I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use. I’m also thinking that I may abandon the vintage sweater project and use that yarn for something else. It’s just a bit of a boring pattern and there are so many others I’d love to try.

Oh! And I ordered lovely yarn from WEBS that I intend to use for the Saffron Cables blanket. The nice people who work there were kind enough to send me a small sample. It feels luscious!

Valley Yarns Berkshire in Stone Blue