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In vegetarian news…

Most weekends Ez and I try to cook something yummy and fun that will provide good leftovers. Last weekend I thought, “Let’s make a veggie pot pie!” We explored our various cookbooks and couldn’t find the one perfect recipe, but we used one as a jumping off point and made a vegetable pot pie that totally hit the spot.

veggie pot pie

Chef Ezra is always looking for an opportunity to prepare mushrooms like he does in his mushroom empanadas. So he employed that method for the pot pie. We wanted to use good fall veggies, so we included potato, carrot, garlic, leek, butternut squash, and parsnip. We ended up with a pot pie that was A) piping hot–a must for pot pie (part of the point, right?), and B) had just a hint of sweetness, courtesy of the mushroom prep and the squash. It is (and I say is because we’re still enjoying the leftovers) SOOOOO GOOOOOD. Hooray for fall veggies and weekends and team work!

black bean mango

I also bring you another vegetarian chow recommendation. I’ve lately purchased a few ready-made microwavable veggie meals for quick lunches. I’ve tried two of Kashi’s offerings, the Pasta Primavera (okay) and the Black Bean Mango. I was a little wary of the latter, but it is so tasty. I could live off of Kashi products (I practically do).

I’m still here!

So it’s been forever and a day since I last posted anything here.  But I’m still living, breathing, and sometimes doing other things.

Last night we made tofu florentine.  Alas, I did not take a picture, because it really was a pretty sight.  It’s much like eggs florentine, except vegan.  So instead of eggs, you use broiled tofu, and instead of whatever sauce is normally used on eggs florentine (er… not sure… hollandaise?), you use a vegan “cheezy” sauce made of veggie broth, flour, nutritional yeast flakes, and spices.  Ez and I are already pondering other uses for the broiled tofu and cheezy sauce–both were quite tasty and not too hard to make.

I’m knitting a little blanket with Mission Falls 1824 superwash wool.  You can even put this stuff in the dryer, which is pretty unusual for decent handknitting yarn.  So far so good, though I did have to start over.  I’m trying a design that I sort of made up, and after getting through 50 or so rows I decided that I wanted to revise the design a little.  It’s easier to decide this now than it would be after 200+ rows!

It’s supposed to be snowing today, but I’ve seen nary a flake.  I have my doubts.  I feel like I’m the only person in the Greater Boston area who is annoyed that the forecasted snow is not actually falling.

Today for the first time in ages I was actually looking for my 1990 and 1991 high school yearbooks and I can’t find them!  So annoying.  I have a feeling they might be tucked away in the bowels of the hall closet, or even somewhere in the basement.

So you can see why I haven’t been blogging much–not much to report!  I’ll try to be better about it, though.

And the weekend goes out with a bang

I bring you glad tidings from the Terri sports world, as the Celtics, the Penguins, and the Red Sox all won big today.

I bring you glad tidings from the baby world, wherein Nora and Jim found out a few days ago that they are having a little boy, and wherein John and Sonya have just told us that they are due to have their first on Christmas Day.

And I bring you glad tidings from the kitchen, wherein Ez and I conjured up ridiculously delicious-smelling goat cheese enchiladas with red chile mole. Picture to come.

The Letterpress Guild of New England January Potluck at Albertine Press

Sunday, January 20th was a busy day, and a little tiny landmark for Ez and me as well, as it was our first official meeting with the folks of The Letterpress Guild of New England (and the first time Ez paid his dues). Our friend Shelley at Albertine Press hosted, and she urged Ez and I to come. It was a potluck, so we whipped up a big batch of our guacamole to share.

Shelley of Albertine Press

Stacks of colored paper at Albertine Press

After a lot of nibbling and chatting with various people, most of them folks I’d never met before but all generally very nice, we settled down to talk about an agenda for the year. Ez and I volunteered (or got volunteered, depending) to put together a sort of press crawl of the Boston area where LGNE members will spend a day checking out various area presses. We offered to print something as well, though I can’t remember what (dear me!)–Ez wrote it down.

Guild Members. The woman in dark blue–I think her name is Cynthia–was in one of my bookbinding workshops.

Guild Members. The woman in the green scarf does amazing work with Italian papers and bookbinding.

It was interesting just to see what the LGNE is really all about. It’s an interesting mix of people. There’s sort of the old guard, a few people who are quite serious about their craft and have been doing this for a while, some younger folks who work at larger area presses, some people like Ez and I who do this sort of thing as a semi-serious hobby, and then some people who have interned or done workshops who are especially interested in getting more involved in the community. I know we can get a lot out of it… lately, of course, it’s been a little bit of a challenge just to get to the studio, but the print will go on!

This reminds me of all the related things I’d like to take a crack at… There’s a bit in the latest Craft magazine about making paper out of recycled mail. I’d love to try that as we get tons of junk mail and it might be cool to attempt to print on our own paper. There are a couple of marblers in the LGNE and I’d love to do that, too. I tried a sort of lame version of it once a LONG time ago and it came out OK, but I think I need better materials and some actual instruction. And then of course I need to try bookbinding on my own. I now have lots of materials thanks to some generous and lovely birthday and Christmas gifts. So many possibilities!

Until next time…

We spent our Labor Day weekend with Kim, Glenn, and Hope. They left this morning. Can’t believe they’re gone already! We had much fun.

Hope is such a cutie, as ever. She seemed to like the stuffed badger from Ezra’s Forrester days, and that clicky triangle toy we gave her when she was just a wee thing is still racking up the miles! I’m proud to announce that she has clearly inherited the boogie gene. Like her Mommy and Aunt Terri, she loves to dance, and she’s not bad for a(n almost) 2-year old! She seemed to enjoy Stevie Wonder.

Hope having breakfast

We oohed and aahed at Henry Bear’s Park on Huron Ave., found a treasure or two at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis, visited the Frog Pond on the Common and the ducks in the Public Garden, ate yummy Indian and Italian food, and grilled with great success.

Flemings in Public Garden

Stir in all the happy sports news… Red Sox no-hitter, Michigan losing to Appalachian State (yip!), and Penn State shellacking FIU, and my happy cup runneth over.