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Election Day Stream of Terri-ness

…OK… so it appears that Arizona is considered Bush territory (in regards to my last post)… but whatever… I have a problem with disenfranchising voters anywhere, and few states are certainties.

Just saw a beautiful pair of cardinals, male and female, outside my window.

Did you vote yet? Well, if not, quit reading this RIGHT NOW and go vote. For Kerry (plug plug).

Voting Irregularities

I just heard from an acquaintance in Arizona who has just discovered that she is not on her county’s voter list. She re-registered to vote in September after moving to a new county, but she’s being told she’s not in the system for her county. She’s trying to get a provisional ballot, but said the phone lines into the recorder’s office she needs to get in touch with are jammed and she keeps getting a busy signal. Sounds like a major voting problem to me. And she’s in Arizona.

Funny how these things seem to be an issue in states that will matter to the election, isn’t it? I’m embarrassed to be an American right now.

A Plea

I have strong feelings about tomorrow’s election, as those of you who know me will know already. If I had a lot of time, I could sit down and go through the multitude of specific reasons why I believe that George W. Bush and his administration are the most frightening thing to happen to our country and the world in a very very long time, and why I believe that a Kerry administration would be much better (though not perfect… I’m not that naive).

It brings me practically to tears to think of what might happen if we don’t get Bush and his administration out of office… (Just thinking about what they’ve already managed to get away with, and the manipulative way they’ve operated throughout George W’s time in office, makes me livid.) So I’m going all out here and pleading with you–vote tomorrow, and vote for John Kerry. Save our ship, people. Because it is our ship.

The current administration believes that they can shape our country to fit their beliefs, that they can and should use their own religious views to shape our government, that they are accountable to no one but themselves, and that they can get away with anything. The way they distort everything and use fear as a weapon looks disturbingly like many of the regimes they claim to be fighting against… Where are the checks on their power? Where is the respect for all people, here and abroad? Where is the humility? These things are missing from this administration, and if you think they give a damn about you, you’ve got another thing coming–another four years even worse than the last four.

What did you learn about democracy in school? Think about it. Does the current administration and its actions fit that ideal? Secrecy, manipulation, fear, disregard for the sanctity of civil liberties… do these things mesh with your concept of democracy? That’s not how I understand democracy.

Kerry is smart. Kerry knows we have a big mess to deal with, here and in the world. He knows it is complicated. He knows mistakes have been made. He’s not trying to hide various screw-ups to justify the continuation of bad policies… He has the experience to know that when situations change and new facts come to light, policies and government actions need to be adjusted accordingly. He’s not perfect–no one is, but I believe he will put an administration into place that will govern with some regard for the Constitution and the democratic ideals that are what our country is supposed to be about.

George W. Bush’s America is not my America. I would like to feel like I belong in my own country again. So… (wringing hands)… PLEASE PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow, and vote for John Kerry.

There’s my plug. Now the crossing of fingers begins…

Welcome to My World

Some people have well-organized blogs with entries that focus on particular topics. I don’t expect this to be that sort of blog. Stream of Terri-ness is more what I’m thinking. Blather, as the case may be.

Today I will sweep all around the house… for good luck… for the Red Sox.

Spoon live at the Museum of Fine Arts, 4/28/2007

night I saw Spoon live at the MFA in Boston.  I’d never seen a
show at the MFA.  All I can compare it to is to say that it’s a
much smaller, scaled back version of Radio City. Or at least, the
experience of seeing a show there kind of felt that way.  It’s
really an auditorium, with seats and excellent sound.  My friend
bought the tickets.  For an extra five bucks he got us “Front of
House,” which meant that we could sit in the first three rows. 
That was a five dollars well spent.  I was just slightly off
center in the second row.  One of the other unique things about
this venue?  They don’t seem to care if you photograph to your
heart’s content.  So I did.  The lighting wasn’t fabulous,
and I couldn’t get right up by the stage, but that aside, I can’t
complain too much.

Britt Daniel, Spoon

I didn’t write down the setlist, but I can tell you that they played
Everything Hits at Once, Lines in the Suit, The Way We Get By, Fitted
Shirt (someone asked for it in the encore and they played it), several
new songs, Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine, I Turn My Camera On, and
Someone Something.

Britt Daniel is a doll.  He seems like a really smart, funny
guy.  Here’s a little story.  At first, people were sitting
in their seats and listening–sort of bopping along.  I noticed
that the first night I saw Interpol at Radio City, too.  The
niceness of the venue throws people off a bit.  Perhaps thinking
that she’d stir people up, a girl went up front and started dancing
rather suggestively. She jumped on stage and was putting on this sort
of early-Madonna show. Britt seemed to find it pretty funny. When the
song was over and she had gone, he said “Thanks, Mom.”

Britt Daniel laughing

Interpol news

Since I am the resident Interpol informant in my little world, I bring you this:

“Interpol have set a July 10 release date for their still-untitled
new album, their first for Capitol Records. The lead single, “Heinrich
Maneuver,” impacts at radio the week of May 7.”

Found here:

This site is based in New Jersey, so I assume this is a U.S. radio date. I’m not sure whether or not it applies elsewhere.


New album scoop as follows:

Our Love To Admire

Track Listing:
1. Pioneer to The Falls
2. No I in Threesome
3. The Scale
4. The Heinrich Maneuver
5. Mammoth
6. Pace is the Trick
7. All Fired Up
8. Rest My Chemistry
9. Who Do You Think
10. Wrecking Ball
11. The Lighthouse