Once Upon a Time in the West

Serving up a plate of spaghetti with Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone:

The Plot and Such:  A harmonica-playing gunslinger (Charles Bronson) and a soulful bandit (Jason Robards) try to protect a comely widow (Claudia Cardinale) from a cruel assassin (Henry Fonda) in the frontier West.  There’s a lot of meaningful gazing and sneering, firearms and dust-kicking horses, derring-do on moving trains, cleavage, and fresh, strong, hot coffee.

I love Jason Robards. I really don’t go in for Westerns much, but I wanted to watch this one for Robards, and he delivers. Huge bonus:  Henry Fonda turns in one of his greatest performances ever–as a villain.  The film is also full of great camera shots and a ton of atmosphere.

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