Human Highway

The Plot and Such:  Well, it’s sketchy.  See, there’s this kind of scuzzy guy (Dean Stockwell).  He inherits a roadside diner near a very poorly maintained nuclear power plant.  His fry cook (Dennis Hopper) is quietly certifiable.  The scuzzy guy’s plan is to torch the place for the insurance money.  Then there’s this other guy who pumps the gas (Neil Young).  He’s not too bright.  He dreams of seeing/becoming his favorite rock star (also played by Neil Young).  Devo provide a sort of musical commentary.  There are dream/drug trip sequences–sort of, and the ending has elements of a cross between Monty Python and Everyone Says I Love You, but Devo-style.

Human Highway is just exactly as terrible and as perfect as you might guess that a 1982 film (begun in 1978) by Neil Young and Dean Stockwell featuring Devo, Russ Tamblyn, and Dennis Hopper would be. This was before Hopper cleaned up and got sober.  I read a review that mentioned Pee Wee Herman, and there’s definitely something of that in Human Highway. Neil Young has decent comedic timing. Devo’s music is present, as are a few Neil Young tunes, but not so much that the film is merely an extended music video. There’s a drug trip within the drug trip and lots of indulgence. And Booji Boy.  Proceed at your own risk.

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