Life Is Better (So Far) Without Facebook

The Facebook hiatus is going well.  At first I felt like I was missing people and news, but now any minimal contact I have with it just feels like I’m walking into a cloud of disease.  Maybe that’s not the right way to put it, but it bums me out.  That is definitely not what I need.

There is probably some method for me to interact with Facebook in a small, selective way.  I think that’s where I’ll end up, once I figure it out.

Now off to do better things!

3 thoughts on “Life Is Better (So Far) Without Facebook”

  1. I’m with you girl. I’ve been stopping by Facebook,but only for a brief time each day. I skip more than I read. I’m too busy with projects at home and community.

  2. I DO want to keep in touch with people, and I’m glad to have connected and re-connected with a lot of people. There seem to be levels of facebook participation, and I think I may be better off keeping my participation level low and/or infrequent.

  3. If you figure it out, do let me know! If they were more transparent about their algorithm for what/who you see in your news feed, it would help significantly: I could set up a sub-feed of the people whose updates I really care about. But when I try doing that, the flow slows to a trickle, and several people that should be showing up don’t. Phooey!

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