Why haven’t I seen Ruby Keeler in more films?

It surprises me that I haven’t seen more of Ruby Keeler. Then again, she wasn’t in that many films.

Ruby Keeler

Ruby Keeler

She stars in one of our latest TCM discoveries, Gold Diggers of 1933.

Ruby Keeler, aglow

Ruby Keeler, aglow

Her bio’s pretty interesting:  Born to an Irish family in Halifax, Nova Scotia… Married Al Jolson in 1928… Got into films herself in 1933… She retired after they divorced and stayed retired for 30 years until her comeback as star of “No No Nanette” on Broadway under Busby Berkeley’s direction in 1971.  I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the next airing of 42nd Street–her first picture.

4 thoughts on “Why haven’t I seen Ruby Keeler in more films?”

  1. Not sure if you know that she was one of your Grandmother’s favorite actresses…In fact, after my birth it was a “tossup” between being named for Kay Frances, a fellow actress at the time that Mother loved, or Ruby….Thank goodness Kay Frances won out!!!!

  2. I didn’t know that, Aunt Kay, but I’m so glad you told me! I see a lot of Kay Frances films–she was much busier than Ruby Keeler!

  3. I love Ruby Keeler, I lover her so much I have her hair cut. I also bought what movies of hers I could find. Thank you for posting this images, she is aglow.

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