My new baby

I’d like to introduce you to my new baby. This baby is new to me, but it’s actually older than I am. And it’s probably a little older than I thought it was when I bought it.

Here’s a 1967 ad for my new baby.

And here’s a picture from the adoption agency:

It works great so far… came with a correction ribbon, the manual, and the case. I suspect that I will be spending less time doddering around on facebook and more time writing useful things for myself and other people. Maybe that will even inspire me to write more here. These are all good possible outcomes, I’m thinkin’.

One thought on “My new baby”

  1. I just received the letter you typed on your new “baby”. Oh my goodness, what a treat! It brings back memories of the days when I used a typewriter. Corrections were tricky. I will keep your letter and envelope for sure. Have fun typing away!

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