And even more… My Collections: Vintage Christmas ornaments–Flocked and painted words and images

I found this one at an antique shop in Montreal.
Merry Xmas green

I have a larger one very similar to this but in worse condition.
Merry Christmas

Joyous Christmas

Silent Night

Merry Christmas

Santa on skis

Merry Christmas w/holly

Red Merry Christmas

Santa and stars

Now Dasher!

2 thoughts on “And even more… My Collections: Vintage Christmas ornaments–Flocked and painted words and images”

  1. I would like to ask you a question about the red ‘Silent Night’ Christmas ball ornament on your site. I found it through a google search I typed in under “Silent Night Christmas Ball”….my father had one similiar to this but in light pink when he was a child and every year he hung it on our tree when I was growing up. It meant the world to him and he always looked forward to putting it on the tree. Our tree fell over one year and the ‘Silent Night’ ball broke into too many pieces to repair. He was devastated, as that ball was one of the only ornaments from his childhood. Ever since then I’ve been trying, with no success, to find another ball like the one that meant so much to him. I was suprised when I saw your ornament- it’s the closest thing to the one he had as I’ve ever seen! It may even be exactly the same but in red of course. Do you remember where you got it or does it maybe have the name of the company somewhere on it? Would you be interested in selling it? Thank you for your time- I’d love to be able to present it to my dad to replace the one that broke over 25 years ago.
    Not sure where you live but I live in East Texas—a town called Kilgore. Thanks so much!
    Angela Turner

  2. I’m not interested in selling any of my ornaments, and they are packed away at the moment; however, I don’t think this one is that rare. Have you tried searching on ebay? I found mine at an antique shop–I can’t recall which one, but they are around. I suspect this is a Shiny Brite ornament.

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