Dolores Del Rio

Watching Flying Down to Rio on TCM, I was moved to check out more about the film’s star, Dolores Del Rio. In my search, I came across some strange, wonderful, and sometimes creepy images.
(Photographer for the above two images: Slim Aarons)

A restyled doll by Juan Albuerne

And a beautiful one…,%2520Dolores%2520(Joanna)_02.jpg

And a fabulous one…

2 thoughts on “Dolores Del Rio”

  1. I’m surprised by the Slim Aarons photos…he was known for his very flattering photos of those who lived the “good life”…it’s rare to see a subject looking anything but movie perfect.

  2. I think those first two photos were taken later, when she was older. Photographically, they’re super interesting (to me).
    There’s something very odd about them–especially the first one, in which she seems chopped off at the head (not to mention the weird smushy bikini top).

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