Should I be working for The Daily Show?

Okay, maybe not.  But…

Watching the presidential debate on October 15, I wrote this:  “McCain talks about her [Palin] in a weirdly condescending way… like she’s his daughter, not his running mate. Compare how he talked about her to the way Obama talks about Biden. I think McCain said he was “proud” of her. Proud? Obama doesn’t have to be “proud” of Biden.”

Anybody see The Daily Show on October 16th?

On the 15th I also wrote: “Please, no more “Joe the Plumber”. I’m waiting for Jon Stewart to do a “Bob the Builder” on that one.”

It took The Daily Show a bit longer to pick up on that.  (See the October 29th episode.)

I’ll dig up some transcripts eventually…

One thought on “Should I be working for The Daily Show?”

  1. Oh my god, I’ve been ranting to Matt about the McCain “proud of her” comment since the night of that debate too! Like she’s his 2-year-old daughter and just moved from pampers to pull-ups?

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