Work and Play

I’ve been working quite a bit of late. Ez and I both worked on Sunday and Monday… no special President’s Day vacation for us.

I’ve been taking lots of breaks, though, mostly to knit and to watch The Comic Strip Presents. I LOVE it. LOVE IT! I am obsessed.

Dawn French and Peter Richardson in The Comic Strip Presents: Consuela

Nigel Planer and Adrian Edmondson in The Comic Strip Presents: South Atlantic Raiders, Part I

I’ve been fairly obsessed with knitting lately, too. At the moment I’m splitting my knit time between the sweater for Ezra and another cable project for me.

The back of a cabled sweater I’m making for myself.

And then there is the pile of books at my bedside…

10 thoughts on “Work and Play”

  1. Hi Terri ! Just stopping by to say “Hi!”. Oh, I love the color of your sweater yarn. You will look very good in it when it’s finished.
    In between all your work,play etc. how about giving your sister a call. She misses you!

  2. I thought she was super busy as I hadn’t heard from her! She used to call me from work all the time, but it seems that’s not possible at her current job. Anyhow… I’ll drop her a line to work something out.

  3. I need to find The Comic Strip Presents….I had no idea Jennifer Saunders (love her!) is part of it. New discoveries are fun. 🙂

  4. Sarah (are you Portland Maine Sarah or Portland Oregon Sarah?), they’re only available in the UK but Terri just ordered them from a UK site, and they happen to play in our DVD player which is too old to know not to play them.

    Also, for bonus Jennifer Saunders content, try The Young Ones. She’s in two episodes. She’s also married in real life to Adrian Edmondson (Vyvvian).

  5. Just commenting–gotta have some comments! I’m not familiar w/ the Comic Strip Presents, but I love Dawn French, so I guess I should become familiar with it. Great knitting…that’s something I’ve never been able to pick up.

  6. Thanks for Saunders info Ezra! I wish my dvd didn’t know better or I’d have both series of Spaced right now. grrr!

    Terri, how did you know that it was me (Maine Sarah)? Just curious…

  7. I guess I just know your personality, Sarah. I can “read” your voice in your words as I can “read” Oregon Sarah’s voice in hers.

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