Boston Bazaar Bizarre 2007

So, after all the weeks of prep, the Boston Bazaar Bizarre has come and gone for another year. Ez and I are happy with how things went.

I think we both agree that our stuff was better this year, and that we were more successful than we were last year. We were more organized and prepared, which made the whole thing a lot more enjoyable. I think the fair may have been less busy overall than it was last year, but that impression might just be due to the fact that we weren’t as overwhelmed as we were last year. It’s hard to say.

As usual, there were some great vendors there. I was impressed with so many of them, and I particularly loved Figs and Ginger and Katie Muth.

One of the great things about the BB is that it’s just so big and colorful. There’s so much to see. One of the perks of being a vendor is that if you get your booth set up quickly enough you can scope out what other vendors have to share.

And the Cyclorama is a great place for it. Even the bathrooms are fabulous!

OH! And by the way… we will be adding many items to our Etsy store soon:

2 thoughts on “Boston Bazaar Bizarre 2007”

  1. Your table of cards etc. looks great! It shows you worked very hard and the effort was worth it. Will talk to you more on the phone. Love, Mom

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