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We spent our Labor Day weekend with Kim, Glenn, and Hope. They left this morning. Can’t believe they’re gone already! We had much fun.

Hope is such a cutie, as ever. She seemed to like the stuffed badger from Ezra’s Forrester days, and that clicky triangle toy we gave her when she was just a wee thing is still racking up the miles! I’m proud to announce that she has clearly inherited the boogie gene. Like her Mommy and Aunt Terri, she loves to dance, and she’s not bad for a(n almost) 2-year old! She seemed to enjoy Stevie Wonder.

Hope having breakfast

We oohed and aahed at Henry Bear’s Park on Huron Ave., found a treasure or two at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis, visited the Frog Pond on the Common and the ducks in the Public Garden, ate yummy Indian and Italian food, and grilled with great success.

Flemings in Public Garden

Stir in all the happy sports news… Red Sox no-hitter, Michigan losing to Appalachian State (yip!), and Penn State shellacking FIU, and my happy cup runneth over.

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  1. Oh, Terri! These pictures are a must have from you to me. Where are the ones with you and Ezra? Your weekend sounded like a fun filled time. Love Ya!

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