AbDan 2007

I’m reporting to you live from our hotel room in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. We arrived at the farm on Thursday and began helping out with various wedding prep. We were met with unending stacked containers of wedding cookies and rarely seen relatives from California (Mama Jo, Lisa, and Josie) and France (April). Kitty Chubbs is still my pal since I won him over with my inexhaustible love of brushing pussy cats back in July.

We boxed twigs for Winter, picked fresh tomatoes from the garden, brushed the kitties, took pictures, and helped check items off of various to-do lists. I read off names of wedding guests and their dinner choices while Abby applied coded stickers to their place cards. Ezra and I ran errands and made deliveries.

Last night we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Saw so many people, and of course I took more pictures. We chatted with Ezra’s aunt Margie and Dan’s mom Dolly, and we danced a little with niece Eva.

Kim, Glenn, and Hope arrived late last night, and this morning we met them and my parents in the hotel to kick off the day. Now we’re all resting up before the games begin again!

To be continued…

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