The PA Report

Greetings from rainy Happy Valley.  I suppose it’s not as rainy as the world of the Curtisian.  But it’s rainy-ish.

I am watching the Red Sox and Orioles on ESPN, and Mark Loretta is hitting everything Lopez is giving him.  Mark Loretta is on my good list.  Lowell, too.  ESPN, while not as bad as Fox, ain’t no NESN.  (Did I just write “ain’t no” on purpose?  Yes.  Yes, I did.)  Remy and Don are just much more entertaining, and a good bit more informative, too.  And I’ll bet they didn’t skip out in the middle of the 3rd inning to show Barry Bonds doing NOTHING in Houston.  Do we have to drop everything every time this jerk is at the plate?  They’ve just informed me that they think we do.  (*Groan*)

It’s quiet here, but then again, it’s pretty quiet at home, too.  I made 30 phone calls today for work, and I feel like it wasn’t enough.  Must crank (not crank call, but crank out the calls).  Most people I called were very nice and cooperative, but one very sour woman was enough to end my phone calling for the day.  No need to be rude.  I’m just doing my job like she is.  And no, I am not selling anything.

I made dinner tonight–penne with asparagus in a light pink sauce and a little salad with arugula and tomatoes.  It was good, though I think a tad more kick would have been welcome.  I’ll have to try it again at home.

Is it just me, or are the Red Sox doing more spitting this year than they have the last couple of years?  Baseball or not, it’s gross.  Whenever I see the guys chewing gum instead (Nixon, Loretta), I applaud.

EDIT:  After I posted this, I saw Nixon spitting something, and ESPN showed Varitek (not you, JV!) stuffing his lip (ugh).  One of the commentators actually said something about it, as though it was JV’s little reward after his home run.  As Mel Cooley would say, “Yech!”

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